Saturday, 24 November 2007

Weekend Noveling #1

It's almost 6pm. Yesterday evening I didn't get any writing done. I went with mum to visit my nan at the care home (we didn't stay long, she kept falling asleep) and then on to do the grocery shopping. As an early Christmas present I got a coat that will hopefully prove warmer than the jacket that I've been wearing. Was 10:30 when we got back with the shopping. I had been up early to play badminton (lost two games to one, all pretty close) and was knackered so called it a night.

Lie in this morning then on to writing. Wrote a chapter, had a late lunch and a break, then sat down to write another chapter. Twelve chapters done, five remain.

I had an idea for a kind of structure to it when I started, but as time's gone on it has been something more that I've stuck to because that was the idea I had than because it really meant something important. It means something, but I don't know what exactly.

(What do you expect from someone trying to write a novel in a month?)

Anyway, I'm on 42 thousand words now, and I'm going to try and get another chapter started tonight, if not written outright. If I push myself similarly tomorrow then I'll hopefully get another two chapters done, and then I'll just have two to do, hopefully one a day on Monday and Tuesday. I know how things end, and I think I also know a couple of things that have to happen before the end. There's a big empty patch of plot in the middle three chapters though, and I'm hoping that I don't have to push the 'dream sequence' button to fill some pages...

More tomorrow.

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Amanda said...

Wow. You must have a lot of discipline and stamina to write 42,000 words in a month. Hope you have another good day writing.