Wednesday, 28 November 2007


As of about 8:30pm last night I am a two-time winner of National Novel Writing Month. It's a good feeling, and yet for some reason this year I feel less satisfied with the end result. I think, in some ways, it's because I went in to it this year with more expectations on myself. Last year wasn't easy, but I went in to it with just one idea really and everything else came out over the course of the month. While that was true to an extent this time, there was a lot more in the way of stylistic things that I wanted to include and so when I felt like I wasn't getting that right it kind of got be down a little.

Still, I figured out the ending that I wanted, and how to get there, and I didn't have to call on the zombies or the dream sequence once in the whole month! I'm debating whether or not to put the rough (and oh my goodness is it rough...) manuscript online, but I think I will leave it for a day or two, sleep on it for a bit before deciding one way or the other.

Trying to decide on my next artistic challenge. Matt has made me realise that perhaps 1000 haiku in a month is a bit on the extreme side (though from a purely quantitative point of view it is nothing next to NaNoWriMo). I'm tempted to do a 24 Hour Comic. Script Frenzy is something I will do next year provided that I am free. In the mean time I think I am going to try and get in on lolsecretz, just for a bit of fun.

I was going to go and see the re-release of Blade Runner tonight, but my friend cancelled, so I'm playing Scrabble with noisms again (so no challenge there then, haha).

More soon!


mattiecore said...

And I certainly agree that quantitatively it's hardly any comparison. I think as a strictly quantitative challenge it could be done, just not by me.

Given that I've had a few poetry courses, and most of my creative writing is poetry, I have a tendency of constant revision and rewriting, which would not serve me well in a competition of that magnitude. I've never done anything on the same scale as NaNoWriMo, much less within a month...

mattiecore said...

Also, congrats on finishing!

Amanda said...

I only heard about NaNoWriMo a couple of days ago and it really sounds like a huge challenge. Congratulations!