Monday, 26 November 2007


It's funny. I really don't find supermodels attractive. And I'm not just saying that to try to appear like a 'new man'. I just think there's a point at which being beautiful becomes something ugly in itself; we can picture beauty as a circle, where if you follow the curve too far around it lurches back into unattractiveness. Most supermodels cross that barrier - their height becomes clumsy looking, their slenderness becomes skinny, their body lines ungainly.

It's a bit like Eddie Izzard's idea of the circle of coolness. At the beginning, there is 'looking like a dickhead', and as you follow the circle round the coolness increases...until finally it reaches the end of the circle and goes back to 'looking like a dickhead' again.

Quite a few fashions have crossed the barrier between uber-cool and looking-like-a-dickhead. Baggy jeans sliding halfway down the backside, for instance.


Amanda said...

The weird thing is that even if there were plenty of other men who claimed not to like supermodels, girls will still all wish to look like them. Well, younger ones anyway. As we grow older, we become more realistic :)

zero_zero_one said...

Seriously, were baggy jeans sliding halfway down your backside ever uber-cool?

I know what you mean, I have no time for supermodels and this stupid culture of celebrity and how we decide what is and isn't beautiful.

Bilbo said...

I guess Amanda is right...we become more realistic as we grow older. But even when I was younger, I didn't really care for women who were too thin. I prefer a lady who's built for comfort, not for speed (so to speak). And don't get me started on the stupid fashion thing of baggy jeans halfway down the backside...I can't think of many more things that look more stupid.