Saturday, 3 November 2007

Light and Sound Show

Dear World,

This is an open letter, and in some respects I don't expect a reply but if you have any comments I'm sure I'll find them interesting.

I'm sitting on the train home from Liverpool, just ran to catch it (and despite my declarations of going to the gym, the during and aftermath of me in fast motion is not a pretty sight); I'm on my way back from seeing KT Tunstall, who is a fabulous British singer-songwriter who's on tour to promote her second studio album. It was a fantastic show, really great folk-y pop-rock with a wonderfully witty commentary between songs.

It was an almost perfect gig - but one thing threatened to spoil it.

Camera flashes.

For ages now I've seen phone adverts and wondered: "Who needs a phone with a 5 megapixel camera built in?" Or, even worse, a phone with built in 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and flash, and video call function?

Oh, well that would Mr Moron, who was stood just behind me. "Awright Gary," he bellowed into his phone as the music started up and KT came on stage, "Look Gary it's just started," and I swear his whole arm comes over my shoulder holding the phone to get it as close to the stage as humanly possible.

Ten minutes later I'm momentarily blinded as the whole arm and camera comes over again, this time to take a picture with the flash on.

Because, like, shucks, they turned the house lights down to create a mood - what were they thinking?


Rant over: it was a great gig, KT Tunstall is a phenomenal singer, and this is made even better by her considerable talents as a songwriter and musician. I'm not sure if she is well known outside of the UK, but her style has something for everyone. Like acoustic ballads? Hers are great. Like something that you can let your hair down and dance to? Listen to Black Horse & The Cherry Tree. She really does something for everyone.

She has a myspace (naturally, I mean, what musician doesn't?) and you can check it out here. You won't be sorry.


noisms said...

I'm not much of a fan. She has too much 'attitude' and is too much of a hippy.

But I agree about the camera flashes.

Bilbo said...

I know what you mean about camera phones. Cameras are for taking pictures, and phones are for talking - neither of which should be done during a concert. I've often wished for a little acoustic-homing missile that would zoom in and destroy morons who can't bear to be out of touch with the world for the length of a concert. As for KT Tunstall, I don't know her, but will have to check her music out. Thanks for the tip

mattiecore said...

I'm familiar with her; not really my bag