Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Out of the loop (?)

For the last few weeks Disney have been advertising Christmas breaks at their Disneyland Paris resort on TV. Well, it was October, but holidays can take some arranging, so I let it slide.

Then Argos (a catalogue shop, not sure if it exists outside the UK) started advertising some Christmas savings that could be made - fair enough, I thought, PS3s and Wiis cost a lot of money and sell out quick (well, the Wii does) - so I let it slide.

Monday: the university bookshop has a Christmas tree up, and tinsel decorating the shop. Today: Tesco has seasonal banners up saying "Merry Christmas!"

I love Christmas, I really, really do, but come on people: it's only the 7th of November...

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Bilbo said...

Only the 7th of November? Wow, are you people far behind...we've had Christmas decorations and themes up since Labor Day (first Monday in September). By Christmas, all the store displays will focus on the latest bathing suits.