Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Day 9 - Split

My head is banging. I don't know why. It started just after I got from lunch with a friend who is visiting for the BA Festival of Science; we went to a place I knew of but had not visited in nine years of being at the university. The food was really tasty; all this time I've been getting samosas on the days I haven't brought sandwiches when I could have gone for salmon goujons, potato wedges and peas... Maybe it's just as well: my waistline would have increased and the contents of my wallet would have decreased in direct correlation.

Headaches. They're like colds, they're just so inconvenient...

Since coming back from lunch have spent my time setting up the address book on my new webmail account (which is, incidentally, with GMX). Then sent out the usual mass emails, "Hey everyone, this is my new address..." I think I'll be going home soon, have taken paracetamol, but it now feels like the headache -formerly contained on the right side of my head - wants to party all over the inside of my skull.

Just waiting for a break in the clouds and then am going to make a run for it I think.

What are you all up to this fine Tuesday?

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