Sunday, 21 September 2008

Day 21 - Iron Chef

My youngest sister moved out to go to music college last Sunday. The house has been a little bit quieter since then, but I think we're still trying to find our "family dynamic" now that there is one less person living here.

One thing that we're doing is to take it in turns to cook; previously the cooking was shared by my mum and youngest sister since they were usually the ones who were first home from work. My first turn to cook is coming up on Tuesday. I think I'm making something with pasta: when I started to tell my family about what I was thinking of doing (minced beef, onions, garlic, grated carrot, peas, tomatoes and a little tomato puree with pasta) my sister screwed her face up and said, "Ergh, I'm not eating that."

It's the same whenever I cook - I'm not a really experimental chef or anything, I always look for recipes and/or try to emulate things that I've seen elsewhere (at least when I cook for others; I have been known to make some truly awful things for myself after wondering What will that taste like?) but my family always moan. They moan before I cook, they moan when I come to them and ask a question... They usually have no choice but to agree afterwards that the end result wasn't half bad, but still I have a reputation as being the worst cook in the house.

Yes, I did recently serve my mum sausages that were raw in the middle (I took them back and finished them!).

Yes, I have cooked lemon and lime chicken that my sister christened Chicken a la Fairy Liquid (and then admitted that it was pretty tasty).

Yes, I burned a croque monsieur the first time I made them (it was one of the first times I ever cooked, and I ate the burnt one - they have never, ever let me forget that I burned it).

My family don't seem to understand that I want to be a better cook, and that a bit of encouragement rather than putting my cooking down would probably help, as would not moaning if I ask them a question. Anyone want to volunteer to tell them?

If I think on I'll take a picture of the resulting meal and divulge my secret recipe on Wednesday!


mattiecore said...

Hahaha, man, see, my department has been having these weekly pot-lucks (I have no idea if you'll know what that let me know if you don't), and I made a zucchini and squash sauté for the most recent one. It was a total disaster... In all respects, I failed at creating a very simple dish. So don't feel too bad!

zero_zero_one said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with the concept of the pot luck :) they're not as big in the UK I think.

I think I will take a picture of my resulting creation on Wednesday and show the world my culinary skills.