Thursday, 11 September 2008

Day 11 - Several Links

Well, following the LHC being turned on yesterday we all seem to be doing fine. Fortunately someone out there is keeping an eye on things for us!

I've just downloaded Cory Doctorow's latest book, Content, a collection of essays and talks on "technology, creativity, copyright and the future of the future." I've really enjoyed Cory's fiction, and I like his writing (usually found first over on Boing Boing) on things like copyright and civil liberties. It's downloadable for free under a Creative Commons license, so if you want something that is guaranteed to be interesting to read then go take a look.

You can go and watch someone demonstrate their homemade wrist-mounted flame cannons here. OK, so who really needs wrist-mounted flame cannons - but what a great piece of engineering!

Karl Pilkington has started a blog to help promote his next book (Karlology, what a brilliant title); there's only a few entries up at the moment, but this is sure to get interesting over the coming weeks...

It's my penultimate day in my office at uni; have moved nearly everything home, starting to feel a little wistful. Or at least I was until I had a meeting this morning which offered some very promising things for me to think about. Some quite exciting things actually. I should hear back about one of them this afternoon or possibly tomorrow morning - and if I do and it's all good then I will reveal all!

1:35pm and I'm starting to hear my stomach growl. Hopefully a friend is going to swing by soon and we'll grab some lunch!

Yours hungrily,

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