Monday, 15 September 2008

Day 15 - Halfway There

Britain - indeed the world - is heading for a recession. We're told every day on the BBC that this is a certainty. Food prices are on the increase, petrol prices have only just started to come down after the price of oil dropped and we're warned about the worst winter fuel prices in ages. Banks collapsing, banks being bought by governments in order to prevent further economic downturns, it's all doom and gloom.

So why did I receive a random letter today offering me a credit card? Why would any financial group offer me a credit card if we're in such desperate times? And - unbelievably - I would get £100 (nearly $200) just for signing up. Then I saw that the typical interest rate was 39.9% APR.

And that explained it. Obviously they hadn't done their research and noticed that I hardly ever use a credit card, have no debts (other than my student loan) and haven't got a mortgage or a car or any of the other things that would mark me as someone worth a gamble on for racking up debt.

Do people really go for these things? I was shocked when I checked the small print: "typical APR" might be 39.9% but could go as high as 59.9% APR depending on which "bracket" you fell into!!!

Despite recessions and economic downturns, has anyone else been offered dubious credit cards and loans lately?

First day on the job was alright; I think it will be better tomorrow, the participants have nearly no contact time with tutors tomorrow, so hoping to pick the brains of the tutors on the course and get some tips about putting together case studies and developing sessions. And if that doesn't really happen and my workload is as light as it was today then I'm going to try writing a piece of fiction that has been going through my mind.

(I promise this a lot, I should just put half an hour aside every day... I should, I should)


Amanda said...

OMG I've got at least 15 days to catch up on here :)

I don't have that credit card problem. Not having a job has made it impossible for me to apply for one and it took ages just for me to get a supplementary one sent out.

zero_zero_one said...

Better hurry Amanda, because soon there'll be more! ;)