Thursday, 11 October 2007

Walking Wounded

From 60 minutes of football:
1). A header went wrong and left me senseless for a few minutes.
2). I misjudged a kick and a ball I was trying to deflect came off my leg instead.
3). An elbow in the stomach.
4). The ball bouncing straight off my stomach (really stung).
5). Ball deflected off the top of my chest and chin - had I been six inches shorter it would have hit me dead on in the face.

I scored no goals, and only had a couple of shots at the goal as well, but all of this is much more preferable to last time when I got hit in the groin by a misjudged pass.

And I wasn't the last one picked!

(I was second to last)


Bilbo said...

You're a walking advertisement for accident insurance!

zero_zero_one said...

I think that I should wear some armour next week.

Or else watch 300 every day before we play to brainwash me...