Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Male and Female Ears

We were watching a programme about male-female genetic differences this evening, where the main point seemed to be that men are good at focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all else (which means they can only listen properly to one thing at a time) whereas women are better at listening to and taking in sounds from different sources at once. (As always with these things, I find myself wanting to shout at the TV, "Tell us something we don't know!", but usually manage to restrain myself.)

Anyway, half way through a little speech by the attractive PhD-in-psychology girl they had on as an 'expert', I suddenly found myself realising that Mamiko had been saying, close by, for the past couple of minutes, "You're not even listening to me now!" - but I hadn't heard her because I'd been concentrating on a woman on the TV telling me that I wasn't able to concentrate on two sounds at once.

Ah, the irony.

The thing that women don't understand is, if only they'd say something that was actually worth hearing...


zero_zero_one said...

I think we saw the same thing! I emailed you about it, but maybe you didn't read it yet.

Attractive PhD-in-psychology girl also said that this difference in hearing/communication arose because women would be home raising children and men would be out hunting. According to this expert children, not being able to talk, have to get their needs across in other ways, and so women are better at understanding body language.

This seemed reasonable, but then she said, "Meanwhile, the men were out hunting dinosaurs..."

noisms said...

She'd probably get on well with Karl Pilkington.

mattiecore said...

I've got a good joke:

Women's rights.

My girlfriend loves that one.