Thursday, 11 October 2007

Break In Service

First some apologies. I have to apologise to some people who have commented and who I haven't replied to; thank you for taking your time to comment on whatever nonsense I was writing about. I will work harder in future to return the compliment. I also need to apologise to noisms, who has been carrying this blog for the best part of the last two weeks by himself. We set out to have something where we both regularly wrote about whatever was occuring to us, and I've left it to him pretty much over the last few weeks. I've been crazy busy with work, but that's not a great excuse, and I will be working harder in future to write.

I think I might change my "writing model," and rather than worry about finding a subject that I can say a lot about, I'll write shorter, tighter posts about things I'm thinking or have come across (kind of like Warren Ellis' blog, but with a bit more commentary, not just links to cool and interesting stuff).

So what has been going on while I've been silent? Well, I've been forgetting to bring my kit in to play five-a-side football, but that all changes today. Despite my stupid phone waking me up at 5am ("BEEP! BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP! My battery is low, plug me in!") I'm going to play in a couple of hours. The last time was quite good fun, even if I don't particularly enjoy team sports (apart from rounders, as previously discussed).

The chapter of my thesis that I'm working on is going quite well, but just when I think I have something stated as cleanly as possible my supervisor will come up with some other idea. It's a little wearying, as the maths is pretty much all there now, it all comes down to re-writing and re-writing. I'm quite pleased though as I came up with a corollary to the main theorem of the chapter the other day, and while the notation I've written it in might be slightly off at the moment I think that what I'm trying to say is true. Presented it at a meeting this morning, where I was given a ton of corrections for the chapter.

All for the good though, and I think that I am still pretty much on track for submitting as planned.

National Novel Writing Month is fast approaching, and I'm starting to get ideas. I had one thing that I was planning out in my head, but I think that I have abandoned that now in favour of something else which is, I will be the first to admit, utterly ridiculous. It's an idea that is, broadly speaking, science fiction, but leaning towards mainstream fiction as well I guess. I'm not going to go into the idea just yet (in case I decide on something else) but some of the influences and inspirations are Mike Hammer stories, JPod by Douglas Coupland and a variety of songs I've been listening to recently (too numerous to mention).

And that's it. I should do some maths (well, typesetting).

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