Thursday, 18 October 2007

Again and again

Another round up of bits and pieces today, as I really should be doing yet more corrections to my chapter. That proof I worked out the other day? Completely correct, but completely unneccessary according to my supervisor - by the end of my meeting with him this morning we had deduced something which was quite clear, and which arrives at the same thing, but I personally like my result better (well, I would, wouldn't I?).

Football again this afternoon. Hopefully this week I will pick up less minor injuries.

I keep trying to write something about this news article about James Watson, but I get so far before thinking that what I have written is a little bit rubbish and not what I wanted to say at all. So for homework I want you all to read the article and let me know what you made of it in the comments!

I also thought Bilbo's thoughts on a recent fatwa condemning Muslim women who marry non-Muslin men was a very good piece of writing. I understand the worries of a few of the commenters on the article, but essentially it's down to freedom of speech isn't it? If the guy who issued the fatwa (who lives in the US) has freedom to issue that fatwa, then surely Bilbo (as a US citizen) at the very least should have the freedom to say "I don't agree with this and this is why I don't agree with it"?

I'd write more, but I have to rush now to make some chapter corrections then go to football. Like yesterday I leave you with a comic, today from the always excellent Dinosaur Comics.

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