Monday, 22 October 2007

Message In A Bottle

On Friday I went to see The Police perform at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. It was an absolutely fantastic show, something I've been waiting all year to see (ever since the rumours of a reunion tour started) and of course it felt like it was over far too soon. They performed for over two hours, playing songs that I loved and songs I didn't even know - I'm not what you would call a traditional fan I suppose. I really like their songs, I have a greatest hits album of theirs that I listen to all the time but I have none of their actual albums (something I aim to correct in the not too distant future).

Of course, I am too young to have been a fan first time around; according to Wikipedia, The Police disbanded in 1986 and I was only five then... Still, I don't know what it is, there is something about their music that resonates with me, really makes a connection. I'm a fan of Gwen Stefani, know many of her songs forwards and backwards, and had an amazing time at her concert last month - but her songs don't touch me in the way that the songs of The Police do.

I love how their songs go from the deep and thoughtful, to twisted songs about love and obsession (Can't Stand Losing You and Every Breath You Take to name a few), to the out and out joy and wonder of love that is Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (one of my favourite songs by any band or artist). I don't think that I had heard King Of Pain before the concert on Friday, but I really liked that too.

As I said, I don't know why their music connects and resonates like it does, despite thinking about it and trying to pin it down. Maybe I should stop questioning it, and just be thankful that it does...

What band/artist really does it for you?


Bilbo said...

I really enjoy The Police, and much of Sting's solo work. I also like The Eurythmics, Genesis, ZZ Top, most Motown groups, and (if you go back far enough) Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Solo artists include Roger Whittaker, Sade, Jimmy Buffett, Juliane Werding, Sam Cooke, and many, many others. The content of my iPod would have most people shaking their heads.

mattiecore said...