Thursday, 25 October 2007


Last week at football it felt like an uphill battle, almost like a chore to be playing - but I didn't end up feeling as rough as the week before, or as bruised...

...Three hours have passed since this week's match. My team was soundly beaten, all of our goals (six to their eleven or twelve) came in the last ten minutes. I caught a ball that deflected square off my chest - but the pain of that numbed the stitch that was building up in my side - and I got caught up in a lot more scrapes and challenges than in the last two weeks put together. Fifteen minutes before the end I challenged Andy, went in too fast, couldn't slow when I realised I had too much momentum - and ended up rebounding and spilling over on to the floor.

My legs hurt, especially my left ankle and my thighs. Back and ribs feel stiff, head feels heavy, and my body feels sore all over. I didn't score a goal, or even get a shot in.

And I have a big grin on my face. Roll on next Thursday.

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