Thursday, 23 August 2007

noisms is older

Today noisms joins me at the grand old age of 26. The few times that I've been online this week and checked the blog (still in Scotland and so away from my own computer until at least Tuesday) he hadn't posted, so perhaps he has been going crazy on some week-long bender... Yeah, that sounds just like him, or at least noisms the way he used to be.

I've known noisms since about the age of five, although we wouldn't really become good friends until later on in high school. His parents are quite thankful for the calming influence that my friendship with noisms has had, especially in bringing him out of gang culture and curbing some of his tendencies. If only they knew the truth...

I'd known noisms since a young age, but somewhere along the way he got mixed up with a mid-level girl gang who wanted a guy around as a kind of pet/mascot. noisms didn't see it that way, thought he was the rooster among the hens. After a few incidents, the girls thought it was time to bring him down a peg or two, but in setting him to cross paths with me he ended up leaving the gang and has stayed more or less on the straight and narrow ever since.

(The Short Version: he had some knuckle dusters, but I had the moves - after he got out of the hospital and his physiotherapy ended we became really good friends)

Happy birthday noisms! (if I hadn't pulled my punches you'd be dead)

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