Friday, 17 August 2007

20 Minutes

I have 20 minutes until my connecting train arrives. This will be my fourth and final train of the day. The first was cancelled partway through its journey, the second was ok, and then the third I had to stand for 90 minutes until we got here to Carlisle.

And it turns out that I've booked my ticket to a stop early! Quite an achievement... Well, there are three stations in Edinburgh, I just happened to pick the wrong one. Sigh. Shouldn't be a problem on the way back, but it's an added expense now, have no idea how much they'll charge me, they (train operators) can be kind of mercenary about these things.

My first week off has been alright, quite relaxing for the most part. Went to the cinema three times (Paris je t'aime, Waitress, The Bourne Ultimatum - first and last very good, middle one only so-so), watched some DVDs, read some books and watched the entire second season of Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex.

A thought: get to the ticket office and get this extra ticket now!

To be continued...

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mattiecore said...

I think the Bourne series was brilliantly done