Sunday, 19 August 2007

He's behind you!

While they're still fresh in my mind, I just had to share two more of the funny moments from last night's "The Matrix - The Pantomime"...

Neo and Trinity have arrived outside the building where Morpheus is being held, and Neo has just finished detailing his plan for their leader's rescue, the usual "kill everything that moves, pilot a helicopter down the side of a skyscraper" routine...

Trinity: "But Neo there's just one flaw-"
Neo: "No, I've thought of everything, it's perfect!"
Trinity: "No Neo, there's just one *floor* - due to budget constraints in this panto, the agents are holding Morpheus captive in a bungalow..."

Shortly afterwards when Neo first confronts Agent Smith we have the following exchange (remember, Hugo Weaving played Smith in the films):

Smith: "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr Anderson."
Neo: "What are you *Tolkien* about?!"
Smith: "This bungalow Mr Anderson, I called it Rivendell, didn't you see the pretty sign outside. I don't know, I thought it had a nice... *ring* to it..."

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