Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things That You (Probably) Don't Know About Me
1). I'm the eldest of three siblings.

2). Despite the intriguing facets to the arc story of the first season of Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex, I prefer the second season.

3). I don't have a driver's licence, have never had a lesson, and have no intention of learning any time in the near future.

4). For a brief period in my teenage years I considered a career as a pyrotechnician.

5). I have several scars on and around my left knee, and I can't account for them all.

6). It is local elections day in the UK, and I voted this morning.

7). My current best play at Scrabble is the single word "ENGINEER" which scored me 80 points. (you may already know this if you've been following Racing Entropy)

8). As a high school student I had a poem published in a local schools anthology. (actually, there is a much longer story to this, that I will try to remember to tell you soon)

9). The reading I gave at my father's funeral was Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

10). I'm quite ticked off about an email that I got from someone this morning, but have no idea how to tell them how it made me feel because I'm certain that it would cause a rift between us.

11). One time in primary school I technically stole noisms lunchbox: I thought I was doing him a favour in taking it home as I thought he had left it behind, but then couldn't remember which house he lived at. I then remembered that as it was Friday he would be at his class's swimming lesson. Upon returning to the school about a quarter of an hour later I couldn't get back up to the room where lunchboxes were kept, and so I just left it on a windowsill in the main stairwell and hoped for the best. I have no idea if he got it back.

12). I have known the date of my viva since last Tuesday.

13). I applied for a job yesterday, and will know quite soon whether I am being considered for interview.


noisms said...

You damn thief.

Amanda said...

This is an interesting list. Thanks for sharing about yourself.

I might steal this idea for my next TT.

zero_zero_one said...

Like I said, best intentions!