Tuesday, 6 May 2008


After a lot of thought over the weekend, and especially some sleepless nights, I decided not to put myself forward for graduating this summer.

Why? Well, I reckon I've put too much work in to the last three and a half years to go and worry and stress and rush my way through my corrections and risk messing everything up at the final hurdle. In the next month or so I have to prepare for my viva, collect together some files and work for a couple of papers, possibly prepare for and have a job interview (and if not, then keep on searching for gainful employment), maybe even go off for UK GRAD training to get tutor training...

It's a busy and stressful enough time, without burdening myself with the added stress of worrying as to whether or not I could complete my corrections in under a week.

Feel so much better since I decided that. First round of exam invigilation this morning went well, a mixture of reading through my thesis and reading Iain M. Bank's "Matter".

And I started the day wonderfully by watching the new trailer for The Dark Knight... Glee!!!

More soon.

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