Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I've been measuring progress on my thesis this week (and quite a few times in the past) based on the number of pages I do in a day. This may or may not be a good thing, as often as it comes to tidying things up and making small corrections the increase is quite small. Still, I've added about two pages to the thesis today, and made some alterations to some tables of results which needed doing, and while I feel pretty tired now I also feel pretty happy with what I've done today.

I lost six squash games in a row yesterday (the first three were enough to lose the match and keep me on sixteenth place in the ladder; the second three were just for practice), and then played football. Five-a-side felt great, just awesome to be playing again. I was really, really stiff by the end of yesterday evening, but felt quite good this morning. It's 4:30 in the afternoon now, and I'm starting to flag a bit...

I've just seen this news story and I'm amazed: the sheer pedantry, box-ticking, political-correctness-gone-mad-ness of it just blows me away.

So this evening I'm going to relax, kick back and play some Darwinia, which my officemates got me for my birthday. I'm hoping to read a couple of chapters of "Tales of the Dying Earth" (which I postponed reading before Christmas) too, and then tomorrow I have to finish this chapter I'm working on (was hoping to do it today but my mental energy is just gone) and then start another one. Woohoo!

Oh, and on my way home I am booking tickets to go and see this!

And in closing, because I was going to just do a Wordless Wednesday but didn't see this picture of Iron Man until I went and looked back on Empire; Iron Man is in the running for this year's second best superhero film.


Bilbo said...

The Three Little Pigs is considered offensive to Muslims? Oh, for pete's sake, let's get real here. I was already planning a long rant on religion and PC-ness for tomorrow in my blog... you've given me more to think about. This is insane. But anyhow, congratulations on surviving the squash games. The last time I played squash (many, many years ago) I played against a young lady friend who beat me like a cheap bongo. I couldn't walk for days. Thank goodness I'm too old for that stuff now!

John said...

Interesting story about the three pigs. In America it would be an instant hit as we would rush out to but this book to see what was so offensive!

Enjoy the drummers. I look forward to your show review.