Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Going Through The Motions

I woke up this morning feeling a little crappy. Then I joined in sharing some kippers with my mum for breakfast, a tasty breakfast (I've never had them for breakfast before) which has been repeating on me ever since.

The day has been on a downward incline ever since.

It's not all bad news though; despite finding last night that my computer at home didn't have the necessary software to do my slides with (or the right unzipping software to allow me to install it), I am beginning to feel quite at peace with it. A conversation with my friend before has made me realise that as I am giving it, in a sense, because of my PhD I can justify it as "time well spent," so from tomorrow I'll work on it for half the day each day until it is done. If I can get the install done with no problems tonight then I can work on the text of my slides at home, and get my pictures on to the slides when I'm in uni (because I don't have the internet or a decent drawing program at home).

The news story that made me say "What?!" today exists on the borders of bizarre and mundane: an eleven year old boy who has been deaf in one ear for nine years finds the tip of a cotton wool bud in there... What can you say to that? You can just about believe that it was lodged deep enough so that his parents couldn't see it, but the fact that health professionals missed it for that long makes me extremely thankful that I'm in general good health.

Ah well, back to the slides... Wordless Wednesday tomorrow I think.

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