Friday, 6 July 2007

Workplace Remedy

My first day as an administrator was pretty interesting; I didn't have any internet access, but I didn't really miss not having a connection until the very end of the day. I realised just how much I use the internet to break up the day, and just how much work I could get done if I wasn't checking Facebook every few minutes, or seeing if certain webcomics had updated - or even just checking random articles on Wikipedia. By the end of the day I was pretty knackered, and a bit stiff after spending some time standing over the photocopier.

Perhaps what I need is some "dragon medicine", as mentioned today on the BBC News website. The story explains early on that these Chinese villagers had mistaken dinosaur bones for "dragon" bones and that "Local people used the bones as medicine to treat conditions such as dizziness and leg cramps... they were also made into a paste and applied to fractures and other injuries." If it was used to treat leg cramps I wonder if it would be any good for lower back pain?

On the one hand a report like this could be dismissed as a silly little story, but I think it's quite interesting - however, one thing that I think is missing in the story is something to let us know about whether or not dinosaur bones actually do work for leg cramps, dizziness and fracture (the various entries on Chinese and Eastern medicine in Wikipedia that I looked at have no mention of dinosaur bones).

There we go, just something slight for today; I had to help out again this morning in the Graduate School, so I am a little behind on the other stuff that I need to do before I spend pretty much the whole of next week away. Monday through Wednesday noisms should be posting some things that I'm writing today and tomorrow to keep up my regular contributions to the blog. It's possible (though not certain) that they may be short fictions, or parts of some longer story.

We'll see.

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