Monday, 30 July 2007

Multiple Headaches

I have a banging headache, so I'll be brief.

How can it be so difficult to set up email on my mobile phone? I want to set it up so that in two weeks time, when I am on holiday for a fortnight, I will be able to update the blog from my phone. I look in the manual: it says look on the website. I look on the website, it doesn't have the details for my phone. I go into the shop, they tell me to call 156 from my phone and speak to someone there. After fifteen minutes on hold I hang up, and thus I find myself in my present predicament, still unable to email from my phone.

A friend of mine has just googled some things and found a page which seems to show the instructions on how to set it up - except I need to have an email address to anchor it to (effectively, no need to get all technical). Can't use my uni address, maybe I'll use my Gmail... And on top of all that I have to look into how much sending emails will cost me! My provider offers 4MB a month for £4 if you pay in advance, or £3 per MB if you don't...

So many options and things to sort out! And my head can't deal with them at the moment, banging away as it is. You would think, you would hope, that when you buy something the manual would be complete, would just tell everything that you need to do in a clear and concise manner. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, time for me to go home and take something for my head. Hopefully I'll contribute something a little more coherent (and frankly better) tomorrow.

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