Friday, 20 July 2007

Hiatus Interuptus

noisms is still on holiday, and I've only been in the office for a day trying to catch up on things, so no genuine blog posts this week. Roll on Monday, when I'm sure to write spoilers on the new Harry Potter and possibly non-spoilers for Transformers (since many people might have seen it already) which I might see at a preview on Sunday.

I'll probably also talk about my Grad School experiences of the last two weeks some time next week, amongst lots of other ridiculous nonsense that occurs to me. noisms, no doubt, will talk about incredibly interesting things. Cognitive Blindspot, two blogs for the price of one! Should that be our marketing strategy?

In the mean time, go and read these 200 bad comic strips, which are actually incredibly funny. I recommend reading them in one sitting for maximum effect.

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mattiecore said...

Transformers is awesome, just so you know!