Friday, 14 March 2008

I Have Questions

1). My passport is about to run out, and so obviously I need to get it renewed. The cost of a passport has gone up a lot since I got mine ten years ago (the added cost is not just due to inflation, apparently we're all safer now too), and I'm wondering when to get mine renewed... Is it worth waiting until I can call myself Dr zero_zero_one? It's just so expensive to get amendments and changes made, that for the sake of six months it might be worth not having a passport. But then that's dumb, what does it matter if my passport says Dr or not? Am I really saying that I am not going to travel internationally until after I graduate? (to clarify, my current passport expires in April, and on my current timescale it is conceivable that I might not graduate until December)

2). (this one is rhetorical) Why, oh why, after spending time doing research, coming up with the idea and then writing it out, finishing the chapter for my thesis, does someone go and publish a paper on what I have been doing? Chapter 6 of my thesis is called "Kauffman Polynomials of Pretzel Links"; today my supervisor popped his head around the door and said, "I looked through the latest 'Knot Theory journal' yesterday, and there's a paper called 'The Kauffman Polynomials of Pretzel Knots' in there..." The good news is that I've taken a different approach to their paper (and also my supervisor said that the paper in the journal wasn't very readable), but still... I was hoping to publish a paper off the back of that thesis chapter, and that might not be as likely now.

3). Is the trailer for The Incredible Hulk any good? I'm really on the fence with this... I just can't decide whether or not I like the look of the Hulk or not. It reminds me a lot of the Hulk in the 1970s/80s cartoon that I used to watch as a kid, and that's no bad thing. Something that I don't like is how the party line ever since it was announced has seemed to be to try and distance itself from Ang Lee's Hulk film (which was very good in my opinion, though different from what nearly everyone was expecting I think). That's quite a weird thing to do.

4). Why can't girls just tell me that they like me? OK, perhaps I should explain: a few weeks ago I was browsing through a friend's Facebook page, and came across a box with my profile picture in. It was for an application called "Spark", and basically two women had clicked on me as "someone they would date." Because I am in the "friends list" of someone who has Spark I am available for people to click yes or no on, and leave a reason as to why they would want to date me. Intrigued, I signed up for Spark to see what it was all about. But here's the thing: Spark doesn't tell you who has clicked on you and said yes unless you also click on that person and say that you like them. I.e., unless there is some kind of mutual attraction. I left it installed on my Facebook account (but with no boxes or rubbish in my profile) and in the last few weeks two people have clicked yes on me, one because I'm funny and one because I have a great personality. That's all very well and good ladies, but since I am neither psychic nor financially wealthy enough to employ the services of a private eye, what am I supposed to do about this? Seriously, what's wrong with asking if I want to do something some time, whoever you are?

Oh I see! I'm supposed to spend all my time on Spark, sifting through pictures of girls and clicking yes or no in the vain hope that I come across you.

Righto then, I'll get right on that.

More soon.


mattiecore said...

Well, the passport question seems obvious, to me at least.

If you're planning on travelling before you graduate, go ahead and get it. If you're not, then wait until you can put that Dr. on there.

Receiving a doctorate is a non-trivial feat, and it deserves a little recognition, even in something like a passport.

Caffeinated Librarian said...

On #4, I soooo totally agree with you. Why does this crap have to be so hard?

Bilbo said...

On number 1, I rather agree with Matticore: it depends on whether you plan (or may be required for some reason) to travel before getting your PhD. Of course, you may want to read my post on titles yesterday if you plan on travel to Germany. On number 2, if your approach is different and your advisor thinks the other paper is inferior, don't worry - you're golden. #3: I'm not a Hulk fan. Batman, now, that's another story. #4: Things like the anonymous clicking of the internet are good for ladies who may think a particular fellow is desirable, but are leery of actual contact. If they're really interested, you'll hear from them. Especially when you add the "Doctor" part to your name. Entertaining post!

Amanda said...

This was an interesting way to write your post. I always keep my passport current 'just in case'. You never know....

I think I was the last person to sign up for Facebook and didn't even realize it had so many of those little programs on it. I wonder if anybody would Spark me hahaha!