Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Some Interesting Blogs

Unlike noisms, I think that blogging about blogging is fair game to a degree. I agree with him in that I don't think that it's something that one could do often, but I think it's a subject that is more than a get out of jail free card. I read a few blogs that I find interesting, and since the night is wearing on I thought that I would just share a few of those that I like.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's blog for years now, and I've found it a constant source of interesting and wonderful news. It's the mix of detail about his life and writing, along with links to weird and wonderful things that has kept me coming back. There are several authors who I really like that I wouldn't have come across if it weren't for them being mentioned in his journal, and there are some freedom of speech issues that I wouldn't be aware of had I not learned about the CBLDF through his writing about them.

And also, he writes so well...

Waiter Rant is a blog that primarily focuses on the (anonymous) writer's life and experiences as a waiter in various New York restaurants. Over time more details about his life and his observations on living have entered his stories, and they make his blog a real thought-provoking pleasure to read. He's a funny guy, but there's a certain world-weariness to his writing and thoughts too, and it makes for an interesting combination.

What Would Tyler Durden Do? is a blog that I've only come across in recent months and is largely a comical commentary on celebrity news. I read it largely to be shocked by how amazingly outrageous some can be; for a while I thought that it was a sign of the times, but then it dawned on me that the internet has just made the general public more aware of the shenanigans that the rich and famous get up to. WWTDD is pretty funny too.

Finally, I like Warren Ellis' blog, which I've started reading recently. He generally posts short thoughts and interesting links, and it's just a really stimulating blog. I like the short form of his posts, posting random, funny and interesting thoughts, and it's something that I'd like to do - but I don't think that this is the place for it.

But I might start something like that. I need somewhere to record the bizarre things that occur to me in and amongst the everyday. For example, during invigilation the other day I looked up to see a Chinese guy staring at me through the glass in the door. I held his gaze and he just stared back at me. After a minute he just walked away... Really, I mean, what on earth?

A few minutes later I looked up to see that a Chinese girl was now staring at me through the glass in the door.

What a weird and wonderful world we live in.

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Caffeinated Librarian said...

Ah. Neil Gaiman.

*happy sigh*

But, ummmmm...invigilation?