Thursday, 28 February 2008


I've grown to like xkcd more and more as I look through the archives. This strip seemed to mirror perfectly my own thoughts on relationships recently...

I sent off my application for the job I mentioned previously. Was good to get it sent off, but at the same time the stress of preparing for it has collided with the relief of it being sent, so am feeling a bit numb.

My nan is still in hospital; she had another operation yesterday to remove a drainage tube that was mistakenly left in after her first operation two weeks ago... Luckily there was no infection as a result of the tube being left in, but due to the heating failing on her ward for a day last week she has a touch of pneumonia now too.

My dad would have been 60 today. I guess the thought of that has been playing on my mind a little more than I thought. Last night I had a dream where I met him. He looked exactly the same as he did before he passed away (nearly ten years ago). In the dream I remember telling him that I knew it was a dream. We sat for a while and I think I said more but I don't remember what. I think I told him about my what I was doing now, but I can't say for certain. In any case, he didn't say anything, just smiled as I talked, and finally we stood up and shook hands.

"And then I woke up" - the end of any story about a dream.

Right. Off to play squash and football again, burn off some of the stress.

More soon.

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