Friday, 19 September 2008

Day 19 - Curious Symmetry

It was recently the BA Festival of Science in Liverpool, and of course the maths department was involved. One of our prominent researchers, Lasse Rempe, was involved in organising a big seminar on chaos and fractals. Shortly afterwards he was asked by the BBC to produce an audio slideshow talking about why this is a really interesting area, and I think that the finished three minute piece is really interesting - and even if you don't really get any of the maths involved it produces some stunning looking images.

It was a big surprise then when I saw that io9, a science-fiction and science blog that I recently started reading, had linked to the same thing today! I forwarded it on to Lasse and also some of my friends from the department, who were all surprised at it being picked up by another site on the internet.

Other than that, I have nothing else to report today: I am absolutely shattered from a day spent running around for a conference at the university... 11 more days of daily blogging to go! Hopefully some of them will be interesting posts too!


mattiecore said...

I think dynamical systems are really fascinating

Also, I'm glad he chose images that were different than the usual ones you see when hearing about this topic (e.g., the Mandelbrot set)

zero_zero_one said...

Yeah, I'm with you Matt; I don't know that much about dynamical systems, just what I've absorbed by osmosis from sharing an ofice with some dynamics-heads - but what I've seen is really cool. Lasse's pictures are cool too, for the reason you gave: they're different from the generic Mandelbrot related images that are always given as examples.