Thursday, 18 September 2008

Day 18 - Tired!

This working for a living is tiring! Why can't I just continue to get paid for surfing the internet and doing the odd bit of research?

I'm kidding, I'm really loving what I've been doing this week so far; has been really interesting, have had lots of great conversations with people that have really given me some thoughts and insight into this area I'm trying to get into. Was also great to sit in on sessions between tutors and their groups and get a feel for the dynamic needed to facilitate personal development effectively.

Have also been given some encouragement to develop things that have been discussed in the office, so am hoping that I'll be able to write notes for some case studies down in the next few days and present them to the director of training, see what he says. Might even be developing some podcasting/multimedia resources with the graduate school, so that's pretty exciting.

Spent the morning today looking into registering myself as self-employed (question: should I trade just under my name or should I come up with a company name, and if so what should it be?), and then some time this afternoon helping with setting up for a one day conference tomorrow.

It's all great, it's been a great week - but I am knackered! I got too used to getting up after 7, pottering around and taking it easy before going in... Another early start tomorrow, but then the weekend is here...

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